Kent Wedding Photographers FAQ

What experience have you got in order to be a kent wedding photographer?

I have been doing photography for over six years and have had my work used commercially worldwide, from multi thousand dollar advertising campaigns, to Microsoft Windows 7 wallpapers. I have had exhibitions showing my work, and have been featured in magazines and newspapers. All this experience in different genres is being channelled into my wedding and portrait photography.

Why should we choose you over any other professional photographer?

The only reason you should book me for your wedding photography is because my work touches you. I am different to any other Kent wedding photographer because my approach is very different to other Kent Wedding photographers. My experience comes from an entirely different place. I never set out to be a kent wedding photographer. It just seemed like the natural progression from my previous work. Having only just got married myself I realised that from searching for photographers for my wedding, there was a gap in the market for authentic reportage wedding photographers. It is easy to say you shoot in a reportage style but few wedding photographers genuinely come to wedding photography with that documentary experience of shooting people, and street photography, and travel photography.

Please do not just look at my kent wedding photography. It’s easy for any website to have a few nice photos. Please look at my other photography because that will truely tell you why I stand out and what is different about me.

What is the process from signing up with you to the wedding?

Firstly I need to confirm that I am not already booked up for the date in question. Once I have confirmed I am available a deposit will guarantee my availability for the day. We will then make arrangements to meet up and discuss the finer details of the day and so we can get to know each other better. I think that it’s very important for you the couple to feel comfortable with me, and to feel like you know me a little. It’ll certainly help you to feel more comfortable on the day. I will then provide a full contract to be signed which offers both parties the protection it needs in case of any problems. Closer to the wedding date I will make plans to visit the venue, perhaps with the couple. This is for Kent wedding photography. For any international weddings this will obviously not be possible in which case I will do some research online to find out as much as I can about the venue.

I will also discuss with the couple, the option of having an engagement shoot prior to the wedding. Some couples find this fun, and it’s also a good way of getting to know me as a photographer, and to get used to being photographed.

How many photos will I get from my wedding?

I aim to provide you with a minimum of 250 images in colour and in black and white for your full days wedding package. So you will end up with 500 images. However the likelihood is you will end up with more than this. The minimum figure for the half day package is 150 images in colour and in black and white but again this would most likely be more.

What do I do if I hate having my photo taken?

It’s amazing how many people are concerned with just how unphotogenic they are from the snap shots taken from friends point and shoots, or phone cameras. You should never underestimate the difference between photographs from a friend, and those of a professional photographer. Add the fact that you will be dressed up, with your hair done. Most likely this is the most fabulous you will ever look, and there will never be a better time to have lots of photos for you to look back on!

When should we book our Kent wedding photographer?

Well my recommendation would be to do it as soon as possible. The sooner the better. You should remember that most weddings are on Saturdays. That means that a wedding photographer can only shoot 52 of these a year, and often weddings are concentrated during the summer months. However there is always the possibility of cancellations and it’s not impossible to find a last minute wedding photographer in Kent or anywhere else. Should you be looking for a last minute wedding photographer or planning ahead to 2013 or even 2014, please don’t hesistate to get in touch to see if I am available.

What style of wedding photography do you shoot?

I shoot wedding photography in a reportage style. There are many wedding photographers that will tell you they will shoot your wedding in whichever style that you want. I do not agree with this. Couples book me for their weddings because I specialise in my area. I am not a jack of all trades. I specialise in reportage wedding photography, based around the skills I have derived from my travel and street photography. If you are looking for a traditional wedding photographer then I am afraid that is not me. This does not mean I do not shoot formal photos of your wedding day. I will of course still shoot your formals, quickly and efficiently, but the rest of the day I will aim to capture your wedding in a documentary reportage style.

Are you able to visit our venue before the wedding?

I will endeavour to visit the venue before the wedding, preferable with you the couple. Obviously for international weddings this is impossible.

Do you do wedding Videos and Marryoke?

Unfortunately not. I would only want to provide a service that I can specialise in. Potentially at some point in future I may link up with a company providing any of these services but currently there are no plans for that.

Do you have a video of some of your images that we can watch to get an idea of what you do?

Yes. You can find that on the following page here

How much is it book you and what are the payment terms, what do we do next?

I ask for a 33% non-returnable deposit to hold your date. Beyond that all payments need to be made before the day of the wedding, preferably by bank transfer.  All pricing details can be found here.

What kind of albums/photobooks are available?

There are countless different albums and photobooks available to you, ranging from the basic A4 photobook costing around £200 through to leather bound high quality books costing upwards of £1000. I do not include wedding albums as part of any of my pricing packages for this reason, but this is something we can discuss once we meet up. You are of course welcome to organise this yourself once you are provided with the high resolution images.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot on Canon. My main camera is a Canon 5D Mk II and my backup camera is a Canon 5D.

Will you send me prints or images in a disc?

I will not provide you with prints unless otherwise arranged. All images will be provided to you as Jpegs in the highest resolution available for you to take care of your own printing needs should you wish to.

How big could I print the high resolution images?

You could comfortably print the images onto a billboard should you need to. Otherwise they are more than adequate for a large print for your home or for your parents.

How do you establish your prices as a Kent wedding photographer?

I have written an article about why couples should avoid cheap wedding photography, and why affordable wedding photography may not always be what is seems. Here. My pricing remains at the current level as I am still learning my trade as a Kent wedding photographer and most of my experience derives from other photographic genres. I expect within the next couple of years to raise my prices substantially.

What exactly is documentary or reportage wedding photography?

I have written an article detailing this on my website. Here.

Do you only do Kent wedding photography?

All of my experience is derived from shooting various things besides weddings. I am also available to shoot pretty much anything you are looking for. I do portrait photography, maternity photography, christening photography, Bar Mithvah photography, Birthday party photography, newborn baby photography, asian wedding photography, the list is endless. If you are looking for a quote for one of these please drop me an email to discuss the details and to check my availability.

Should we have black and white or colour photos for our wedding?

The easy answer to that is both. I will shoot your whole wedding in colour and then process all the images into monochrome after the wedding.

When will we first see some photos?

I generally attempt to provide a sneak peak at the wedding photos within a couple of days of the wedding. This will be for you to have a look as well as for my own marketing. These images will be posted on my facebook business page, and also on the blog of this website. You will be emailed when this is done so you can go and have a look straight away.

How long do you stay during the wedding?

This totally depends on the package you have selected for your day. There is no set time. You can decide how long you need me, and I will tailor the wedding package to suit your needs. You can find the various wedding packages here

You’re a reportage wedding photography but we still want group photographs?

No problem. I will take care of these quickly so you can enjoy the rest of your day. It is recommended that you organise exactly what photos you want in advance and that there are no more than 10-15 different formal group shots as these can take time to organise as people wander off to the bar, or looking for the toilets.

Will you definitely be the person taking our wedding photographs?

Yes. I am the photographer and whilst I occasionally have assistants for large weddings, any solo jobs are mine, and mine alone.

Can we see what other people have said about your work?

If the photos on my website do not speak for themselves then you can see my reviews page on google which gives me a score and a list of reviews here

Will we get an online gallery to look at the our wedding photos?

Yes I will provide you with a location online where you can view all of your final images. This can be left open or password protected if neccessary!

Do you do engagement shoots?

Yes if this is something you are interested in arranging ,please let me know when you get in touch about your wedding day, and we can work out the details then.  These are a great opportunity for the couple to get used to being photographed and is also great for helping you to get to know me by spending a few hours with my and understanding my style. The engagement shoot would be in North Kent, at a location as arranged.

Our wedding is between Monday and Thursday, is there a discount?

Yes. I reduce the Silver and Gold wedding package price by 25% for midweek (Monday to Thursday) weddings.

Our wedding is this year in 2014. Do you do any discounts for 2014 weddings?

Yes. I am offering a 10% discount on any wedding bookings for weddings before June 2014.

Can we combine both of your discounts for midweek wedding in 2014?

No.  Unfortunately the discounts are not available together.

Will my guests be able to buy prints or other products after the wedding?

Yes. All images will be online, if neccesary with a chosen password by you, and they can buy prints and all sorts of other items.

If any questions are not covered here please feel free to get in touch and I will promptly respond.