Reportage wedding photography, wedding photo journalism, documentary wedding photography. All of these are new phrases and names but they all pretty much describe the same new medium in wedding photography. The simplest way to describe Kent reportage wedding photography, is to imagine a set of photos that tell a story rather than just capture individual moments. A series of images that can be memorable on their own,but as a full set tell the true story of your wedding day.


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Originally reportage and photojournalism was the vestige of newspaper photographers and freelance journalists, but now much of todays wedding photography has moved away from the stiff posed photography of yesteryear. Now young, modern couples are looking for something different. Something that truly reminds them of their day as if seen through their own eyes or those of their guests.

Kent Reportage wedding photography should capture peoples personalities, feelings, their excitement, or their happiness. The laughter, and the tears, and everything else that a posed portrait shot will never capture.

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My approach to Kent reportage wedding photography

Specialising in Kent reportage wedding photography, it is important as a bride and groom looking for a wedding photographer, to understand my approach and the individual style I will bring to your day.

My love as a photographer, first and foremost, is of travel, and documentary street photography in places such as India and South East Asia. My approach is to capture everything I see and present it in a way that makes the viewer feels they could be sitting there, in the exact spot I was, understanding the hardships, or appreciating the mundane trivialities that a different way of life presents to us. I want people who view my photos to feel something when they look at them. It has to have an emotional impact. It may not always be happiness or joy, but it’s real.

Children by a bike on the streets of Kok Chork Commune in Siem Reap, CambodiaTravel Street photography market cambodia

Taking this unique approach into wedding photography is what makes me different from every other reportage wedding photographer in Kent. That isn’t to say that there are not many excellent Kent based wedding photographers, but that my approach is personal to me, and unique in the way I present it.

I have had exhibitions showing my photography, and my photography has been used commercially from Australia, to China, to USA, to London. One of my landscape shots is currently a Windows 7 wallpaper.

Furthermore, in terms of most wedding photographers, I am young. I am in my early thirties, and have a much stronger understanding of what young modern couples are looking for. I was married myself last year and was very strict in my expectations of what I was looking for and the approach of the wedding photographer that was shooting our special day. You should be too.

One of the keys for a good reportage wedding photographer, is the ability to play two roles. The photographer who is assertive yet makes those around him comfortable, and the photographer who disappears into the background to truly capture the day without the guests even realising they were photographed.

But my mum wants formal shots still

It’s your wedding day. For that one day you are the King and Queen, and you can have anything you want. All of the couples I speak to these days are all looking for reportage wedding photography. I have not spoken to a single couple that are looking for traditional wedding photography. Not one. But without fail, all of those couples still want their formal portraits, and formal group shots because they want to make sure everyone who attended their special day is in a photo, and more often than not because their parents who still prefer the old fashioned methods, want those shots as well.

Any good reportage wedding photographer worth their salt, will of course shoot all your formals as well. I will do this, quickly and efficiently, and will spend some time shooting your personal portraits as a newly married couple.  But aside from those moments I will shoot purely as a kent reportage wedding photographer. I will not go round asking couples to pose for portraits. That’s not the wedding photography service I am offering, and there are many wedding photographers out there that can shoot the old fashioned traditional style for you. But I guess if you wanted that you wouldn’t have searched for Kent reportage wedding photography.


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